HUNA is the voice of wisdom of the elders with techniques for an easier life with less effort than we are accustomed to. HUNA got the attention of Claudine Marchand, Ph.D. biochemist and neurobiologist, because of its simplicity, efficiency and the ease with which its ideas and techniques may be integrated into our daily lives. Already with credentials as a practitioner of radionics, acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach Flower facilitator and naturopath, as wellas NLP certified psychotherapist and Reiki master, Claudine has decided to integrate HUNA to help people reach their autonomy faster. She offers counseling and mentoring for body, soul, mind and spirit as well as supervisions with individuals and groups.

« The personal autonomy of everybody in his/her own truth is the main focus of my interventions, so that the person may dance with Life and savor it. Since birth i have been fighting to keep upright, vertical, in spite of a progressive paralysis. Today I find myself in a wheelchaire, however with a well developped inner verticality. Thus I learned that to live a serene life I had to align myself in my core and with my environnement. A research carrier in Neurobiology and twenty years in service to people suffering in their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body confirmed my finding. I trained in alternative medicines and psychotherapies of varied traditions, all of which offer the base to working with the body, mind, soul and spirit as a whole. My trainers were western professionals and researchers in health and philosophy as well as oriental masters, asian chamans and amerindians, kahunas of Hawaii for the polynesian culture. They taught me various methods and ways of thinking, all based on welcoming with gratitude what is and how to use our will in alignement to define and implement the objectives of our personal vision.

The sessions we offer, individual or for groups, seminars or encounters for kids and adults aim at retrieving once alignement, once own place in the univers and in our daily reality. Then our life gets meaning and we may live it lightly, with effectiveness, in the simplicity of the present moment.

This acquaintance with life opens new ways of personal, professional and economic growth. In business, the fear of lacking dissolves and allows a new stayle of management, in tune with these times of deep change. Beyond control, real mastery through alignement helps to feel at easy in most situations and thus to be able to guide the process towards new possibilites ».


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