Sharon Aki, born and raised in Hawaii, was left nearly alone in the Nature from the age of two. The richness of this experience set her on an early path communicating with the Nature Spirits and learning the power of thoughts and words. After a successful career as a graphic designer she participated in the opening of a private college of design in Switzerland. Following a health crisis and a NDE experience, she reclaimed her mixed cultures and united herself as one. She continues her work with spiritual masters from many continents, and shares her experiences as a Life Consultant, Shaman, Visual Communication Designer, a Guide for swimming with the dolphins and as a Feng Shui Consultant.
          Aki & Marchand  have also trained with a Japanese Zen master; a Filipino healer; Tibetan Lamas; American Indians and European Celtic and modern master healers. They received teachings from China and the ancient Kahunas from Hawaii taught them various methods and thought systems. All these transmissions are based on love, harmony and joy. Aki and Marchand workshops incorporate their multitude of experiences and invite participants to re-ignite and foster their "life spark" to refine their lifestyle of mutual harmony and respectful communication. The common aim of the private consultations as well as the workshops and the gatherings for adults and children, is to regain a simple, serene and effective everyday life.
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