Mahalo-Kala is dedicated to uncovering and gathering information and tools beyond time and space, supporting us in CREATING our true dreams, in ACTIVATING our dormant potential and in INTEGRATING all into the cosmic evolution.
        Mahalo-Kala is Hawaiian. In the Hawaiian language there is only the present tense. Therefore, people who speak Hawaiian speak only in the present moment. Mahalo means thank you, the highest gesture of acknowledgement using words. Words are powerful. They give or take energy. Kala means possibilities, unlimited. Speaking in the basic simplicity of our hearts and feelings the words, "thank you-possibilities" puts us in a state of manifesting our choices.
         AKI and MARCHAND, the founders of Mahalo-Kala network, provide Sacred Journies to Hawaii; Consultations to create, activate and integrate our potential and Seminars to share the traditions of ancient wisdom now unveiled.

               AKI      MARCHAND

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