Once we were kids and anything was possible.

And since the truth comes from the children's mouths, the highest dignitaries took as counselors eternal children, i.e. fools and sages. HUNA, the millennial wisdom of Hawaii, plunges its roots into Lemuria, the mythical civilization at the rise of humanity. From its deep knowledge, HUNA transits the seven essential rules of Life, simple and efficient.

This retreat proposes to link again with the wonder of childhood, to open wide our horizon, to let our curiosity roam freely to discover other dimensions, parallel worlds to our environment visible in daily living. An in depth personnel exploration is offered to anybody ready to expand his/her limits, stay in good health and be successful in life.

In nature and with its help, we'll discover our secret chamber, our centre where to find peace. From here we access the kingdom of the rocks, the plants, the animals and the elements, learning to communicate and even to invest them. From the four shamanic worlds we are going to meet our guides and power animals and possibly retrieve lost parts of our soul.

Finally, after having increased and harmonized our creative energy, we shall know how to use symbols for varied healings. All these techniques work thanks to unconditional love, as this Hawaiian saying states:
He manu ke aloha, 'a'ole lala kau 'ole
(Love is like a bird; there is no twig on which it doesn't sit.)

Some comments, summer 2005:
-"A wonderful week to taste the wisdom, the teaching and the joy of this life with the univers." MJS
- "May you be able to transmit this wisdom in Aloha to many more." JV
-"Thank you for your transmission and your living testimony of this wisdom of life." IC
-"To love, to bless!Love and Joy! Thanks, THANK YOU to have allowed me to go deeper into myself." SD

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                                     "waiho wale kahiko"
                     That which was hidden shall be revealed

2006 in FENCH
June 3 - June 10

7-day retreat:
Saturday to Saturday



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