Working with Feng Shui may require very little moving of furniture around. Solutions may involve adding small pieces of paper written with personal goals that, for example, concern health, career, relationships, prosperity, and what else is important for the people that live in the house, apartment or work in that office or enterprise. In many cases with locations having stairs, it is recommended to add a small faceted cut glass ball suspended from the ceiling. Windows require consideration. A desk in a working environment can have a great advantage with where ojects on the desk are placed. The placement of the cash register is of outmost importance for a shop or any retail enterprise. Each situation is individual, yet there are some quidelines that universally apply. These guidelines come from the ancient Chinese Art of Harmonizing we call FENG SHUI.
      CASE 1: A family of 4: the daughter, 2 years old, had never slept in her own bed. At her age, this had become a concern for her parents. I analyzed the 9 sectors of her bedroom, re-arranged her bed and made a few small changes to her furniture. From that night on she slept in her own bed. Since the corrections were made 2 years ago, she also plays in her bedroom content and happily for hours.
        CASE 2: A single lady wants to be independent in earning her living. So, she wants to make a career change, leave her job as an educator and work fulltime as an Ayurveda therapist. Today, two years after I worked on her apartment, she is on her own, has rented a space with 3 separate therapy rooms and a kitchen to prepare her oils. There is a cozy reception area and space to welcome her clients.
        CASE 3: A couple wants to retire, to sell the business, rent their home and renovate the additional space to create an apartment they can stay in when not traveling. Two months after the Feng Shui consultation, they have started the constructions on their loft and are both going through personal transformations. The man is opening up to other non-traditional possibilities and the woman is blossoming into a very charismatic person.
        CASE 4: Two independent people want to share work space and build a business together. The prosperity section was reinforced with a fountain. One of the projects successfully completed involved organizing a workshop in 8 different countries and 13 different cities. The project started from scratch, financed by the team and new contacts had to be made in each city.
        CASE 5: A specialty shop owner of fine cooking books and specialty items for the kitchen lost a lot of money trying to expand. After the Feng Shui corrections, his personal life has stabilized, he has overcome a bout with cancer, and his shop continues to prosper. His wife is clearer on her personal goals and the couple enjoy happier times together.
        CASE 6: A single woman inherited the home of her parents. She lived on the top floor, independent of the main floor as if she separated her home into two parts. I worked with joining the harmony of her ancestors and parents and helped her parents to release her from feeling they were still living in the house. Now she lives in peace, integrating the total space of the house.
        CASE 7: A divorced parent with her son lived in a flat without ever going into their living room. I worked with them to integrate this part of their life, which in their case, represented family and health. I also improved the energy situation of the stairway leading to their bedrooms that rose in the middle of the flat. Mother and son had difficult friendships and were hampered by chores. Stairways represent effort, the action of going up and down. They always require special attention. I also reinforced two sections that were missing, one representing relationships. I did a separate Feng Shui for her home office where she worked as a therapist. Today, both mother and son are more autonomous and their mutual relationship has greatly improved. Her career is accelerating.
        CASE 8:  A couple wanted to improve their farmhouse to create several apartments and to turn their garage into a mini-house. They needed money and courage to pull through with their dream. With Feng Shui, I worked several sections for reinforcing their project. In 6 months the money was available, their home then renovated, inaddition, the garage transformed and all 3 new tenants had signed the lease before construction was completed.

by AKI from Hawaii
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