AKI was born and raised in Hawaii. For the first 11 years, I lived in the forest close to the Nature Spirits. From the age of 2, I was left alone most of the time, after my parents divorced under the social pressures due to their mixed Chinese/Japanese marriage. My mother worked long hours to earn a living at $1.05 an hour. The richness of my extraordinary experiences as a child, even if sometimes traumatic, as well as later surviving cancer and going through a N.D.E. (near death experience in the 90’s), were blessings in disguise. My continuing experience of Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian traditions, European cultures, spiritual encounters and my interest in discoveries in a variety of subjects gives me a very personal philosophy to share. My joy is also to arrange for people to swim eye to eye with the dolphins, a transformational experience.
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by AKI from Hawaii
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