10 days Intensive
with personal
for all participants
by Kumu Alva

LA'AU LOMI, an ancient healing touch from Hawaii

Date: October 15-24, 2006 (10 days)

Costs: Bed & board:
528€  (48 Euros / per person per day)
11 days FULL board, double occupancy w/ WC & shower.
Arriving October 14. TRAINING is from October 15 – 24, 2006

Costs: Course:
The 10-days TRAINING fee is due no later than Aug. 15, 2006. Please contact us directly in case of financial difficulties.

Deposit: 528€ for the hotel costs of 11 days FULL board, double occupancy w/ WC & shower. The registration is effective as soon as we receive your deposit.
Cancellation policy:
To cover the hotel reservation, 60% of the deposit shall be retained incase of cancellation before June 15 2006. After this date, no deposit and only 50% of the course fee will be refunded unless you propose another person to take your place. In case of cancellation by the organizers for reasons beyond their control, the total amount of the course fee will be refunded. Refund of the deposit will be according to the contract with the hotel at that specific moment.

To Bring: Massage table. Let us know if you can bring one. 20 tables are needed. If there are not enough tables we will rent and share the cost among the participants without tables.

Massage oil (discrete scent).
Sheet or towel, as well as a light blanket for massage table.
Warm, comfortable clothing.

Language: English translated in French
Location: Chandolin, Valais, Switzerland

To validate your Registration:
E-mail or fax us your registration and we will send you the banking information. Send your e-mail registration to:

LOMI, an ancient healing touch from Hawaii
Last Name
First name
Cell Phone:

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