October15-24, '06

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“It’s not the body I am fixing. It’s the mind.
I touch the body to touch the mind”.

Kumu Alva, a gifted spiritual and physical healer, is coming to Switzerland to teach what he learned from his ancestors and Kumu of the ancient Hawaiian healing techniques. He believes spiritual, mental and emotional aspects must all be factored into a holistic approach for Lokahi (unity) to be created. As his ancestors, Kumu Alva believes that the body cannot be healed until the spirit is healed and only then, permanent good health is possible.

He is also a Lua (Hawaiian martial arts) Kahuna (expert). All of his experiences combine to create a very spiritual and powerful healing technique. In the past, these techniques were only taught to Ohana (family). They were demonstrated, then copied by the student, without formal training or written notes. Before his ultimate voyage, Kumu Alva feels the urge to share his knowledge with all of you who want to know and participate in helping the spirit of the person through touching the body.

“People are not coming to me.
People are coming to put themselves back into perspective. Through what I do, I clear out the old mana (energy force) so new mana can work”.

Kumu Alva can see the “blocks”, if they are spiritual, mental or physical and know how to free them in a short lapse of time. Already one single treatment alters deeply the way you feel.

As part of the TRAINING, Kumu Alva will do a series of personal hands on treatments to all participants for your own experience and healing.

Throughout the ten days, with the participation of Leina’ala Bright of Hawaiian ancestry, there will be hula dances, chanting and various traditional ceremonies.

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KAHUNA Kumu Alva
from Hawaii in
Switzerland in Oct. 2006
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