Case histories of Kumu Alva's single treatments

(Kona, Hawai’i / August 5, 2005)

JH: First, I did not feel anything special; I was relaxed and there was just a slight pain in my neck where Kumu Alva had "cracked" it.

Now, I know that this "ancient healing touch by Kumu Alva" has transformed me in depth: all the anger and the stress that lived in me are gone. Even in difficult situations I stay calm, I don't get stressed. My capability to "welcome the other", to communicate with him/her, improved immensely. Life is more fluid for me: mind and body more flexible, more relaxed. Now, when there is a problem, the solution appears to me naturally and without any effort, it's like a game! Laughter and joy always took an important place in my daily life. In the future they are shining still more inside and around me. More gentleness comes through in my expressions, as well verbally as physically.

SLP: I died and came to life again, immediately after, in joy, a summer afternoon in Hawaii … this in short and in a smile.

First actually, as my neck cracked in Kumu Alva's hands, panic overwhelmed me, tears also: and if I was dying???? I heard his soft, reassuring voice in my ear: to balance my body, the same procedure was going to follow on the other side… trust! Emotions and expressions, of the body, my voice, my heart, my soul – what a journey! And how many blessings until now!!!

The results of this deep and subtle work were immediate for me. Before, my left side was always weaker (less strength in my left hand, the blood circulation less efficient in the leg). Today, my body is harmonious and I feel balanced.

AB: What can I tell of my encounter with Kumu Alva! First, he is a great man, in all respects. He is quite impressive physically and through what emanates from him. Next to him one can really feel that unconditional love that brings about full trust.

During the massage, I did not feel anything particular, except for some cracking which were not really comfortable. After the treatment, I took some time to recover, then went to my room. There I felt I had to lie down on my bed. As soon as I was stretched out, a huge wave of emotions submerged me, from my toes to my belly. I waited for the calm to be restored, and then I joined the others at the table. The remainder of the day was quiet, since everybody needed to recover. The next day, my body needed to work out. Several times waves of sadness swept over me and I was crying like a little girl grieving deeply.

During the following days I started realizing, what a wonderful cleansing job Kumu Alva had done on me. Through this cleansing I was able again to connect with my deeper self, who I am, what I want in my life and what I don't want anymore.

Having heard that he is coming to Switzerland in 2006, I am looking forward to continue this work.

Leina'ala et Kumu Alva
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