When you feel the call from the dolphins, we hope you will follow your heart. Dolphins symbolize transformation. They are highly spiritual mammals and have amazing contact with humans. To serve you best in Hawaii Mahalo-Kala offers you encounters with what touches the deepest part of ourselves. 

Languages: English and French.
Size of group: 4-8.
Your Arrival: When you arrive at Keahole International Airport at Kona on the island of Hawaii, known as the "Big Island", Aki is there to greet you.

Cost includes:
1. Accommodations: Private deluxe home, double occupancy with private bath.
2. Boat rental: 7 half-day excursions in a boat included in the 21-day journey. The other days are spent snorkeling from the beach every morning with afternoons visiting a sacred site, including our active volcano. Evening time is reserved for sharing and discussions.
3. Car rental: All participants share in the cost of car rental and gasoline.
4. Snorkeling equipment: Fins, mask, snorkel and a flotation vest or short wetsuit (which is great for sun protection).
5. Meals are prepared together in our private home with an abundance of fresh fruit, salads, fish and a variety of choices to meet our desires.
6. Your Personal Guide: 21 days escorted with your guide.
7. Celebration with a Hawaiian Luau: We celebrate our precious time together of meeting each other on our paths of life with an authentic Hawaiian feast with performances of hula and music of Hawaii.

Our day usually begins with an early breakfast of papaya and fruits of the season with whatever else you prefer. Our lunch is prepared at home or we bring picnics for our excursions. We will explore a few restaurants. Most of our meals are prepared together with alot of love and caring. Our time together is creative. We prepare for each day with a Hawaiian ceremony and close each day with a blessing.

What To Bring:
Shorts and tops for day time activities. 2-3 bathing suits. Sunglasses. Sun hat. On a moving boat hats are not easy to keep on. Good walking shoes. Light overall jacket serving also as a rain jacket. Nights may require long pants and a sweater, which can also be used when in the volcano area. The key is comfort and being prepared for changing weather patterns. The Hawaiian Islands have generally summer weather all year round, with occasional rain or light showers from time to time. We pack lightly!

Dates: February 2-22, 2007. In Profile, meet Aki and Marchand, the Mahalo-Kala team. We welcome you.
Reservations: When you know in your heart and you hear the call of the dolphins, contact Aki to discuss the procedure for reserving your place. aki@mahalo-kala.com
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February 2-22, 2007
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