A short story of swimming eye to eye with the dolphins...I was always afraid of the water. Even if I was born and raised in Hawaii, I didn't know how to swim. At the age of 56 I heard the call of the dolphins. This motivated and encouraged me to learn to swim to meet the dolphins in the open ocean. I started with a few swimming lessons at the local pool. Then I got fins, a mask and snorkel to learn how to manage the equipment necessary to swim with the dolphins. Concerned about staying afloat for as long as I wanted and not fear getting tired, I bought a short wetsuit which lets me float naturally instead of treading water and it also keeps me warm. Now I felt ready. Well, almost. The thought of that big, vast and deep ocean still scared me. With all those stories of sharks! I read up on sharks and learned they are really very shy and feed at night. They are attracted by blood, so no swimming when a woman is going through her monthly periods, and no open wounds. Simple enough.
          Okay. Now I feel ready. What follows is a gift to behold. For the first time I slide off the boat, speed straight ahead through the water and there they are, a pod of about 15 dolphins, "standing" upright in a half circle around me. Their presence holds me gently and probes profoundly into my consciousness. I feel their silent communication as if every cell in my body could hear.
          One of the messages I receive is to arrange for people to experience meeting the dolphins. I am an Island Girl born and raised on the other side of this island and who now lives in Europe and makes yearly visits to Hawaii, to family and friends. The dolphins are emphasizing that my dream to return home and live 6 months a year in Hawaii is my true reality. Now is the time to get it out of the dream state and into manifesting what I have been dreaming for over 15 years. So here I am, offering you this opportunity to swim eye to eye with the dolphins in Hawaii. In the winter months of December-April, you can see the Humpback whales with their babies.
         Listen for the call of the dolphins. Hawaii is a place to to CREATE our "dreams come true".
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