Aki et Marchand proposes a course in 10 evenings "HUNA - a project for my Life " at Lausanne, Switzerland. Come with the idea of a project. With the help of the tools based on the seven ancestral principles of HUNA, you'll conceive of and lead to realization the project you care most for, filled with wonder and joy.
          THE HUNA philosophy, ancient tradition of Polynesia, offers simple and direct ways to manage your life with an easy hand and efficiency.
           The techniques based on the seven talents of the Hawaiian adventurer open new avenues to go straight towards your goals and to become aware of anything resisting or distracting from its realization.

1. Ike: The world is what you think it is – to SEE
2. Kala: There are no limits – to ENLARGE
3. Makia: Energy goes where the attention goes - to FOCUS
4. Manawa: Be fully in the power of Now - to BE PRESENT
5. Aloha: Be happy with the good that is - to BLESS
6. Mana: Trust your own power - to EMPOWER
7. Pono: Believe in your ideals and realize them – DREAMWEAVING

           Every evening we shall explore a new aspect of how we deal with life, guided along by one specific principle each time and applying it to your project.This will show us the strengths as well as the inner and outer obstacles of this enterprise. In the course of these evenings, your project will take on form and favorable circumstances will come forth for its realization. Finally, everybody will be the weaver of his/her own dreams, with a clearer awareness and more results achieved with more ease, in joy and harmony, able to live one's essence in daily life.

Bring your dearest project to bring it to life!

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April 18 - June 27
Sept. 5 - Nov. 28

10 Tuesday evenings
7:30 pm - 9:30pm

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