HUNA base, Ancient Wisdom of Hawaii.
The 7 fundamental principles: an introduction to the Hawaiian philosophy HUNA, with practical exercises.

Long time ago, the extremely precise observation of life in all its manifestations led to the discovery of the secret, or non-obvious aspects of things, soon bringing about a philosophy called HUNA, the "secret" or "hidden knowledge". Once, the sages of that culture got together to share their knowledge of life and healing. Finally, they chose to express their concentrated wisdom as seven principles, easy to teach and to remember.

Each word in the Hawaiian language carries several meanings, as reported in the following examples.

1. Ike:
The world is what you think it is – Everything is a dream. All systems are arbitrary. There are thousands of ways of perceiving things.
2. Kala: There are no limits – Everything is connected – Anything is possible. Take the freedom to change believes, and to open up your view.
3. Makia: Energy flows where attention goes -Attention goes where energy flows – Anything is energy. Focalize on your aim.
4. Manawa: Now is the moment of power - Everything is relative. Be fully in the now.
5. Aloha: To love is to be happy with – Love increases as judgment decreases. Bless what is.
6. Mana: All power comes from within –Everything has power.
Trust your personal power.
7. Pono: Effectiveness is the measure of truth – There is always another way to do things. Trust your ideals and manifest them.

These seven principles apply to the three aspects of the conscious: KU, the body/heart, LONO the mind/intellect and the spirit KANE.

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