The shaman, man or woman, is first a healer, a healer of relationships: between body and soul, among people, between the beings and the situations, between humans and nature, between spirit and matter. He uses his knowledge in thousands of ways applying it to the most diverse situations, whatever his culture and his environement. In our societies, most of the people live in urban areas with an exhausting life style. It is these people that need help and healing the most.

The philosophy and the techniques of the Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer are pragmatic and open. This applied knowledge can be practiced alone or in a group, where ever and when ever – at home, at work, on a trip, …

These seven principles apply to the three aspects of our being: body/heart KU, mind/mental LONO and spirit KANÉ.

1. Ike: The world is what you think it is – Everything is a dream - All systems are arbitrary. Be Aware that there are many ways to think about anything.
2. Kala: There are no limits – Everything is connected – Anything is possible. Be Free to change your mind about anything.
3. Makia: Energy goes where the attention goes - Everything is energy. Be Focused on what you really want.
4. Manawa: Be fully in the power of Now - Everything is relative. Be Here in the powerful present.
5. Aloha: Be happy with the good that is - Love increases as judgement decreases. Be Happy - Bless the good that is.
6. Mana: Trust your own power - All power comes from within. Everything has power. Be Confident of your strength.
7. Pono: Effectiveness is the mesure of truth – There is always another way to do anything. Be true to your ideals. Realize them and expect the Best.

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