Words are Creative. They have the power to create. We create our world by what words we choose. Words we choose in our thinking, our feeling, or our communication. These pictures give evidence of the effect of our thinking through spoken words or through thoughts. The top picture is a photo taken of a drop of crystallized water having spent some time in a bottle on a photo of dolphins. The other photo shows crystals after words and thoughts of "you fool" were transmitted. Dr. Emoto of Japan has published two books in English on his findings all over the world showing photos of the effects of words, thoughts, and feelings on water. Mother Earth is about 80% water and so are our physical bodies! What we hear CREATES who we are. Remember the words we heard...“You look great!” “All you do is think about yourself” “Kids are to be seen and not heard” “Look after yourself” “Think of others first” “Who are you living your life for?” “You can do it” “Do you think money grows on trees"   “Love thy neighbor, and don’t forget to love yourself.” “You deserve to be happy”.
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