I met Muhen in the south of France where he accepted private consultations. My colleague, Claudine invited me to join her to meet this Japanese Zen Master who developed his own original technique of healing by breath. The Japanese part of me said yes to this trip. After an eight hours drive, we arrived in a seminar center tucked in nature and after Claudine's consultation I walked into the one room where Muhen lived. After a two-hour session of his breath therapy, he told me he was going to teach me his method. I simply said yes. (Later I learned that he was recognized worldwide. The Dalai Lama honored Muhen with a private visit and gave him a phoenix that touched him deeply. Sai Baba and Babaji were also very close to him.)
        Then he escorted me to the room I was sharing with Claudine and announced to her that I was going to give her a session tomorrow, not him. We were both stunned by this news, as I had not ever done any kind of bodywork or techniques of this sort before. The next morning after he taught both Claudine and I, he instructed me to start the session with Claudine. This work launched me on a path of learning many techniques from many different cultures and opened doorways into realms I was now ready to uncover and discover.
         For Claudine and I, the artist and the scientist, it launched us into our association of Mahalo-kala and Mission I'mpossible. We work on special projects for personal development and awakening and also offer seminars with children and adults on many different themes for personal discovery. It is now 5 years since this meeting with Muhen and it touches me deeply to have met him at a moment in time that opened the doors on my path of living the true origin of self. Claudine added the breath technique to her repertory and a deep connection with Muhen, a very special being who was to leave this dimension soon after this memorable encounter.   
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