The first ones may have come already twenty years ago, may be even earlier. Since there were so few of them, they went unnoticed. Today, there are more and more of those kids who remember how it is where they came from originally. Their DNA is able to transcribe some more genes, which makes them also more resistant against many illnesses. Already as a baby they are wide awake, observing intently their surroundings. They often don’t need much sleep. When they grow older, it’s more difficult for their parents and their teachers. These kids don’t accept any half-truths, any rules without reason. They can remember that there are other solutions than our society proposes: solutions based on unconditional love and acceptance, solutions that are in the interest of all beings on this earth, as well nature as the humans.
      So, it is hard for them to adapt to our ways and they are so frustrated that they may even become violent. At school, they are often labeled “hyperactive”, since they cannot bear withthe teachings do not correspond to their eagerness to learn essential information about the Earth and it's dwellers. Others may fall into a deep depression and lose any desire for taking a place in this society. It helps, if they can meet other kids of their kind and exchange with them. Once they have passed through these difficulties and become aware again of their mission, they find their way into all aspects of our society to remind us to choose solutions coming from the heart.
       The later waves of these kids show also very pronounced psychic abilities - abilities that are also ours, when we shall drop our fears and open our hearts. They have already started to teach us and to awaken in us our sleeping memories.
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