Each being has around its body a sort of electromagnetic shell. By its geometry, it indicates what kind of being this is, what is its mission, its history, past and future. Earth also has such a grid around her, defining her identity. She has been the planet that has gone the furthest into density, the farthest away from the original light. It was quite a challenge to return towards the source from here. Until 1987, her grid indicated that her end was close, just as the prophecies of the bible or of Nostradamus may have predicted... And here we are, still - and the internet functions just fine. How come? The number of beings remembering their source has grown steadily. They have reached the critical mass, which called for a change in history. The people from the Pleïades and many more asked for the permission to rescue Earth. They decided to replace the original grid around the earth with a grid of Christ consciousness. This grid was put in place in 1999 and anchored in the crystal grid of the earth the 13th of April 2002. As its name indicates, it opens a door for Earth to evolve further towards a consciousness of unconditional love and acceptance. This seems to be the specific task of our humanity, to develop a love that is more intense than Angels love, thanks to our emotions.
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