Thinking is Creative and Feeling is its motor.
          Van Gogh was a person of intense feelings. And with his intense feelings, he painted as no other and inspired many others to follow. I have been deeply touched by Van Gogh. I went to Amsterdam twice to see his original paintings and be in his presence. Speaking as an artist, I can understand when someone can travel multi-dimensionally and touch deep within ones own passion. The base of understanding is not to be afraid to feel. Feeling is the motor of creativity. We have seen the difference when a meal is cooked with feelings of love or anger, or a gift given with feeling, or a smile expressed with feeling. The Shaman who worked with creating rain for his drought-ridden region did it by feeling the rain on his face, feeling the rain mix with the earth and feeling the wet earth between his toes.
         Our society is restrictive when it comes to feelings. We often hesitate to express our feelings because of what others will think. “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”. -Hamlet-Shakespeare     “Man is what he believes”. -Anton Chekhov      “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”. -Dhammapada      “If then we want to change, we must begin by changing the way we think”. - Dr. Deepak Chopra     “A multi-dimensional view of reality is that humans can influence physical reality. Mind over matter". - Dr. Tiller, Physics Scientist       Thinking begins the creative process. Feeling is the motor that manifests your thoughts.
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