"No strings attached”…
Recently, I was sitting at dinner with a lady who had come to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii. She is vibrant with energy and with the presence of Mother Earth. Her voice is distinct, deep and clear. She starts by telling me of how her life has had so many ups and downs, like trying to take off with a paraglider, lifting off and coming back down and up and down and up, not quite getting off the ground. This happened for years in her life and the ride, to say the least, was bumpy. Gina then went on to say, one day she had had enough and decided to simply cut the strings and spread her own wings. We gave out a hoot of a roar of laughter and finished with “No strings attached”. Since then her life has been on a path of doing exactly what her heart desires. Gina made a career change, and now offers her services as an animal communicator. She beams with joy telling her story of how the message to change appeared in this special way. All she needed to do was to cut the strings.
        “Labels influence creativity”...Labels may create appearances that fool. Cancer is not a sentence. It is just a word. When I was diagnosed with cancer, thoughts of death raced into my head. And life seemed to be heavy. I didn’t like the feeling and took off the label of death, since cancer is not a sentence but just a word. What started then and is still going on now, is the most beautiful journey of discovering life and discovering myself. There are days when I have to take it easy and not overdo my enthusiasm for life. From every situation comes a gift. Whatever way they are delivered, let's appreciate and receive our gifts.
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