Your life is like your favorite car. Once you get your new car, you take the first opportunity to go for a ride, to test its behavior on different roads, in different traffic situations. You look under its hood, check the working of its engine, listen to all the various noises it makes. The more attention you give it, the better your common performance. When you are in the driver's seat, you are directing your car, its speed, its driving style, calm, sporty or even aggressive, its direction and its itinerary. You stay focused and alert and your attention is directed to where you are going. We took a course "improve your driving on snow and ice" and we were driving on a very icy track. The cars were going in all directions. At this moment a key sentence from our trainer got stuck in my mind:" Keep your eyes always where your want to go. Don't let yourself be distracted by the obstacles and the fear. Your car follows your gaze!" It’s the same way in life. Keep a steady attention with a clear intention, this allows you to reach your goals. At that moment you really are taking the driver seat in your life.
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