Both prophecy and destiny give an understanding of what might happen if the course of events continues to unfold the way it is going now. For example, if a person keeps walking with a shoe that doesn’t fit, there could be a prophecy that a blister will appear. One can interpret this as an irrefutable fact leaving no choice since the blister was pre-ordained. Somebody else may decide to change foot ware and thus to avoid the blister. Prophecy and Destiny have a true function: to call the attention of the society and the individual to what probability lies ahead. How can we change Prophecy and Destiny? Prophecy and Destiny point to the future and say: "This is where we are heading". Do you want to continue on this path or do you want to change direction? There are always choices. What do you choose? Prophecy and Destiny are not fixed. Unless you think you cannot change anything.      - Huna of Hawaii by Serge Kahili King Ph.D.
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