After a long and rich life, Yuan arrives at the door of heaven. Saint Peter opens and welcomes him happily. “You really did well on your journey on earth. Where would you like to go, now ?”“Oh, I don’t know neither hell nor paradise. Would you let me visit both, so I can decide afterwards?” “Ok. Let’s start with hell, said Saint Peter and led Yuan through a wide door. Many long wooden tables were set up, with benches along their sides. The tables were full of appetizing dishes, pots of soup, plates full of meat, vegetables of all sorts, rice, potatoes, bread. And the sweets! The benches spilled over with people. They looked very angry; they were shouting at each other, pushing and hitting their neighbors. Why all this uproar, since there was plenty of food? Then, Yuan discovered that they were handling chopsticks measuring two yards (meters) each. Their arms were not long enough to bring the food they had managed to pick up to their mouth. So they were starving in the midst of all this abundance… Yuan thought ” What a cruel punishment!"
        "Let’s quickly go to see Paradise.” “It’s next door,” St. Peter said and opened the door leading into a large hall, looking very similar to the one they had just left: long, wooden tables with benches along side, covered with exquisite foods. Here too, many people were seated at the tables. However, they were talking quietly with one another, some were making music, some singing. The atmosphere was very relaxed and inviting. Then, Yuan discovered that they were handling chopsticks measuring two yards (meters) each. How could they eat and be happy? Ahhh, they were sitting exactly one opposite of the other, across the table. First the one on this side would pick up some choice bit of food and feed his neighbor on the other side of the table. Then this neighbor would do the same to him. That’s how they had worked it out in Paradise: if we help one another, all of us get what they need and want. So, with this clever trick, they were enjoying a wonderful time. “That’s where I want to be,” Yuan decided.
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