"This is the Mahamantra, the great original mantra, given by the Lord to humanity. Everyone should repeat it. It can be given to everyone and everything can be achieved through it. The power of Om Namaha Shivaya is infinite. This mantra is more powerful than the atomic bomb". -Babaji
        The day I was invited to stay in the private quaters of Babaji, I was very naive. I didn't know who Babaji was. Claudine knew. We were attending a seminar by Dr. James Hurtak, author of the Keys of Enoch. Accommodations were in an ashram with lots of stairs and rough carpeting. Within one day Claudine got seriously scraped since she had to drag herself on the floor, the place being inaccessible to wheelchairs. So we were allowed to stay in the only place more easily accessible, with wooden floors: The private quarters of Babaji in this ashram. When we entered, it felt very gentle, peaceful and very sacred. After thanking this unknown person whose presence we were sensing, I began asking questions. I learned we were in Babaji's private quarters and that this holy man once meditated for 40 days and 40 nights without water or food. Wow, I thought, he is an ascended master and I get to sleep where he lived. The next day I discovered a space hidden behind a curtain door. After asking permission in silence, I felt I could enter. There I saw the private meditation room of Babaji. So simple, so humble, so deep and a very small room the size to fit only one person.
        Shri Haidakhan Babaji is a great spiritual teacher who was living in Haidakhan, India, from 1970 to 1984. Babaji requests of each of us to be inspired to live on the higher path and let go of our differences, the selfish attitude of "my and mine," so that we may live in harmony, helping each other to reach our highest potentials. He requests that human beings become humane and treat each other kindly.     
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