The Aura, a field of energy that surrounds every living thing, is an expression of the body's spirit energy. The Kirlian effect is caused by an excitation of life's electromagnetic body field by a pulsed electrical field. This results in a visible electro-photonic glow surrounding the object, also called a recordable Aura vibration response. This glow is always blue-purplish. By special soft ware it may be translated into other colors according to intensity maps, so that it may resemble the colors a clairvoyant can see surrounding people. The brilliant glow in the two pictures on this page indicate the unique response of the energy fields of these two objects at the moment the pictures were taken.
This phenomenon was first experimented with by scientist Nicola Tesla in the 1890's. Years later, Semyon D. Kirlian, a Russian technician, was repairing equipment in a hospital when he noticed something unusual. He then found that through the interaction of electric currents and photographic plates, imprints of living organisms developed. Kirlian and his wife refined the process in 1939. They call it the "Kirlian Effect" (pronounced keer-lee-an). The Soviet Union included Aura Photography in the psychic research and since the mid sixties, teams of Soviet scientists from Moscow to Siberia have plunged into the study of these beautiful colored lights in living things and have come up with some intriguing new concepts about the nature of life itself. Among the initial findings: The brightest flares on the body show at the points on the skin known to be acupuncture points. Disease shows up in a disturbed pattern of flares long before it manifests in the physical body in any diagnosable form. If portions of the physical body are cut away, the energy matrix or "phantom" of the missing part is still clearly visible in the photograph. Patterns vary according to mood and health and even thoughts. Hypnosis and drugs also alter the flare pattern and intensities.   
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