One day the asshole raised his hand and said, “ I am the boss”. Everyone laughed. The Hair raised its hand and said, “No, I am the boss. Without me you will not look very nice for work. The eyes rolled and said, "No way, we are the boss. Without us you can’t see where you are going and what you are doing”. The Mouth raised its hand and said, "Oh no, I am the boss. Without me you will go hungry and starve and can do no work”. “No, no ", said the stomach, "without me to digest, you will surely be upset and cannot work”. The asshole started to get angry for no one believed him to be the boss. So the asshole went on strike and stopped working. Soon the eyes began to roll and bulge out, sweat poured out from everywhere; then the mouth couldn’t open and the stomach burped and burped and got really upset; first the belly grew round and rounder and in the end the whole body was bloated and looked like a soccer ball. Now everybody agreed as to the importance of the asshole and no one was laughing at it anymore. So, if anyone calls you an asshole thank them for the recognition of your true value.
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